Bucket Rebuilds

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Scheduled maintenance and repairs. Connecticut's top rated machine repair company.
Scheduled maintenance
24/7 emergency
Emergency welding, fabrication, and line-boring services. Lightening fast.

We Specialize In Long-Lasting Repairs

We specialize in all types of bucket repairs and rebuilds. We use superior materials combined with the quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround the industry expects of Griffin Welding.

  • Transportation: Dump Trucks, Feed Trucks, Flatbeds, & Haulers
  • Trailers: Livestock Trailers & Service Trailers
  • And MORE!!!
Prevent Downtime

Prevent MAchine Downtime

Reduce your equipment downtime and avoid emergency repairs and costs with general and preventive maintenance. Contact us today so we can help you increase your efficiency and productivity with reduced machine downtime. 

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