Line Boring

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Scheduled maintenance
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Emergency welding, fabrication, and line-boring services. Lightening fast.

State of the Art Line Boring

We know it is inconvenient and sometimes impossible to dismantle and/or mobilize your equipment. Our mobile state of the art line boring machine allows us to handle any bore repair and return it to factory specs. We can also modify to install oversized or undersized bushings.

  • Any Sized Holes
  • Any Brand, Any Model
  • Articulation Joints, Buckets, Dozer Blades, &¬†Equalizer Bars
  • Excavator Equipment
Our Process

Quality, Affordable Repairs

Griffin Welding provides dependable, quality line boring services. Whether your project is commercial or residential equipment, custom or routine maintenance, we provide specialized attention and solutions for your line boring needs saving you time and money.

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